Get to know the romantic world of Patricia Paris. Here are just a few things readers have to say:
  • "Patricia Paris has nailed the romance style!"  5 Stars ~ amazon
  • "Paris knows how to leave the reader wanting more!"  5 Stars ~ amazon 
  • "One of the most deceptively delicious romances I've read to date!" 5 Stars ~ amazon

Contemporary Romance:

The Glebe Point Series: My Glebe Point series takes place in the fictional town of Glebe Point, on  Maryland's Eastern Shore, and centers around the close knit Morrison family. In books one and two, you'll meet the Morrison men, Blake and Justin, two charmers who discover they're the ones who've been charmed.

This Time Forever ~ Book 1

Blake and Delaney's story:

---A woman with a secret that will change three people's lives forever

---The man she came to Glebe Point to find and discredit

--A love that caught them both by surprise

***Available at Amazon in print or ebook:

Letters To Gabriella ~ Book 2

Justin and Gabriella's story:

---When a stuck shopping cart

---Leads to a chance encounter with a lion

---It takes a whole lot of tugging to get things unstuck

***Available on Amazon:

Return to Glebe Point ~ Book 3

***Coming in 2015***

Charlene and Cooper's story:

The romance continues, as readers finally get to meet one of the Morrison women, when Charlene Morrisson, Blake and Justin's younger cousin, returns to Glebe Point.

Excerpt from Return to Glebe Point:

For the first time since making the decision to leave, she began to relax. Inhaling deeply, she dragged in a soul bolstering breath of the churning salt water air. It filled her head with a thousand old memories and her heart with a whisper of hope. She was a Bay girl, and she was going home. **
**Unedited excerpt, copyright 2014, all rights reserved.

Romantic Suspense:

A Murderous Game

Abby Carpenter is a woman with a few problems: a little red diary that keeps showing up at the worst times, a coworker trying to sabotage her career, and a philandering ex who won't stay dead.
Just when she thinks she's getting her life in order, her ex-husband turns up really dead, and Abby becomes the primary suspect in his murder. Now she's being followed by a sleazy tabloid reporter, a relentless detective, and a man who won't take no for an answer.

***Coming in  December 2014*** 
Run Rachael Run 
The highly anticipated sequel to A Murderous Game.
Exotically beautiful, but fiercely independent, Rachael Gooding is perfectly content with her life as a single, self-sufficient woman. When an unknown danger presents itself in the form of a stalker, she's forced to turn to Detective Gene Simms, the one man she's never been able to intimidate, and the only one who's ever threatened her peace of mind.
Gene will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves, but his biggest hurdle in keeping her safe may be Rachael herself.
Excerpt from Run Rachael Run:
"Shall we, Miss Gooding?"
"Shall we what?" she asked, without sparing a glance in his direction.
He waited, perfectly comfortable doing so. After about thirty seconds, with the silence punctuated by its length, she gave in and looked at him. Their eyes  locked. Snap. Crackle. He embraced the charge. She resisted it.
"Join them on the dance floor?"
He saw her nose twitch and found it oddly attractive, but then, he found everything about her attractive.
She glanced away. He swore she rolled her eyes as she did. Clearing her throat, she looked back, her expression controlled. "Thank you, but no." Her smile, although not a smirk this time, was tight.
"You  don't like to dance?"
"I like dancing fine. I just don't want to right now."
Gene leaned slightly forward. "At all or just with me?"
"With you." Her honesty didn't surprise him in the least.
She laughed. "Of course I'm not afraid. I just don't want to dance with you."
"You must have a reason."
She turned full toward him. "Okay. In case you haven't figured it out yet, I don't like you, Detective. I know you're going to keep pushing until I give you a reason, so there it is. I'm not usually so blunt, but..."
"You're not? That hasn't been my experience with you." He detected a flash of amusement in her eyes. "Despite that, I have to disagree with you. You may want to dislike me, but  you really don't, and that's not the reason you don't want to dance with me." He shook his head. "No, it's because you're afraid."
She rolled her jaw. "For what possible reason would I be afraid of dancing with you?"
"You might enjoy it." He reached out and lifted a strand of her hair between his thumb and index finger, drawing it across his hand. He heard her quick intake of breath before it slowed, and shifted his gaze to hers, her deep brown eyes telling him much more than she knew. "And I think that's what you're afraid of."
"And I think you may have had one too many glasses of scotch with dinner."
He smiled. "Then prove it."
"Prove what?"
"That I'm wrong." He slid his fingers down the long, silken strand he still held.
"Stop it!" She batted his hand away. "You want  proof?" She stood up, her hands fisted at her sides. "Fine!"
She walked to the edge of the dance floor, spun around and looked at him. With one hand on her hip, she raised the other and crooked a finger at him.
Gene got up and started toward her, their eyes locked and he knew she wouldn't look away, she wouldn't dare back down to him. His blood began to pump faster through his veins. He'd known the woman wouldn't be able to resist a direct challenge. **
**Unedited excerpt, copyright 2014, all rights reserved.


  1. Is return to Glebe point coming out soon?

  2. Hi Carlyn, thank you so much for your inquiry on Return to Glebe Point. It has been a long time in the writing but is scheduled to come out in early 2015. I hope it will be all you hope it to be.
    My next release, scheduled for late 2014, is Run Rachael Run, the sequel to A Murderous Game.

  3. To all my wonderful readers, I am so grateful for each and every one of you! If you've enjoyed my stories, you may be interested to know that I'll be launching a new series in 2015: The Bonaveras. I don't want to give away too much, yet, but it will revolve around the Bonaveras, four sisters and a brother who each find love as they work together to solve a mystery that could threaten their family business. I can't wait to share more with you!


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