An Inside Look at Glebe Point

I grew up on a lake in Michigan, so the water is in my blood, but after moving away as a pre-teen, I dreamed of one day living near the water again. When my husband and I moved to Maryland's Chesapeake Bay region several years ago, my dream came true. 

I spent many days the first few months after moving, sitting on our dock, unable to believe I was actually living on the water again, soaking up the beauty of the marsh, my thoughts drifting with the ever changing tides. In those early days, the seeds of my next book were sown.

I filled notebooks with observations, ideas, bits of dialogue from the characters who were taking shape in my mind. I visited small towns along Maryland's Eastern Shore and spent days exploring the quaint and sometimes quirky shops and eateries. On occassion, I'd take a drive to the historic but more cosmopolitan town of Annapolis. Everywhere I went, I enjoyed talking to and getting to know the locals, and eating lots of the area's famed blue crabs.

I fell in love with the area and all it had to offer, it's food, it's people, and most of all, it's endless rivers and tributaries, and these became the inspiration for Glebe Point, the fictional town on Maryland's Eastern Shore that provides the backdrop for my bestselling Glebe Point Series.

Here's a special, inside look at the sights and scenes where it all takes place...Welcome to Glebe Point! 

This little boy was the inspiration for
Benjamin, in This Time Forever

Here's a glimpse of the marsh
that borders Mary O'Meara's
Bed & Breakfast

Gabriella spends many evenings
on this dock with her dreams and
a glass of her favorite Pinot Grigio
in Letters To Gabriella
The Mosey In Diner, referred to as Mosey's by the locals, is a favorite place to get together for a cup of coffee or down-home cooked meal. If you stop in, you might be lucky enough to get Molly as your waitress. She's worked there since Blake and Justin Morrison, my drool worthy heroes from the first two books, were just young boys. Although Molly would never admit it, she just loves those 'scamps'.

Mary O'Meara's Bed & Breakast is a quaint country inn that totes itself as, a peaceful repose, nestled among whispering loblolly pines that march gracefully to the sea. It's run by Mary, she's got a heart as warm as her just baked chocolate-chip cookies, and a bent for matchmaking. Lucky guests can stay in the little cottage that sits off to the side of the main Inn. It's charming, with it's own little kitchen, a small patio, and gorgeous views of the marsh. Two of my characters from the series, Delaney, and Justin, were fortunate enough to be among Mary's pampered guests.

Anyone in town on a warm evening can take a stroll down the wide brick sidewalks to the Curly Custard for a cone or ice cream sundae. If you like your cones like Chloe, Gabriella's daughter in Letters To Gabriella, you can order it with gummy worms on top. In the mood to relax and enjoy your treat? The little outdoor cafe tables are a great place to sit and eavesdrop on one or two of the locals. You may even overhear Harvey Darvey sharing his secret recipe for crabcakes with Delaney.

If you've ever been lucky enough to view a sunrise or sunset over the water, you know they can take your breath away. I've seen some that were truly awe inspiring over the Bay. Even in the fall, after the cord grasses have turned, when the sun begins to dip it sets the marshes on fire, plumes of gold rocking in the salt breeze. Glebe Point has some of the most romantic spots for watching the show. 

Gabriella was certain she'd end
 up with a bad case of poison ivy
 when Justin led  her on a hike
through the woods to a deserted
 beach for an evening picnic. But the
stunning sunset he'd taken her there
to see was worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this brief visit to Glebe Point. If you've read any of the books in the Glebe Point series, I hope you felt as if you were revisiting familiar places and old friends. If you haven't read any of my books, I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my favorite places, Glebe Point, where there's always a happy ending!   


  1. Another great idea! A scrapbook for your novels. Love the pics and the descriptions of those places that are part of your stories.

    1. Thanks for taking the tour, Monica. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Look for the upcoming release of Return to Glebe Point, the story in which Blake and Justin's cousin, Charlene Morrison, finds her happily ever after. Coming in early 2015.


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